June 2019: In honor of Alex & Ray

The Triangle Jazz Orchestra is deeply saddened by the loss of Alex Almasy and Ray Doyle, the foundation of our trumpet section. Alex was our musical director and inspiration on lead trumpet, Ray quiet and thoughtful on second trumpet, spoke through his music. Their presence in the trumpet section for over thirteen years taught us all to grow as musicians and as a family. Alex was a reluctant leader, but one of the most patient and encouraging musicians you could find. He brought the music alive. Ray had an expansive musical curiosity and brought to our group his experience in big bands, musical theatre, and classical orchestra. He was a reliable and accomplished player who was always there with a positive attitude. Their joy in making music with friends was infectious and defined our band. We will miss Alex and Ray deeply.

At our May 2019 performance at the Pittsboro Roadhouse and General Store, we raised a whopping $750 for charities in their honor.

If you missed the opportunity to donate and would like to do so, or are feeling super-duper charitable and want to give again, here are the charities taking donations in their name:

Alex Almasy: Kidznotes

Ray Doyle: American Cancer Society

Thank you all for your support and donations!

-The Triangle Jazz Orchestra family